I Can’t Do It……..Yes You Can


Don’t Most People Fail At This?

“Hey Emmanuel I’ve decided I wanna make some money from home but I can’t do it like you can”

“I see you on FB on YouTube and you have a blog, I can’t do all that”

Sound familiar…….

Well let me share a story of one of the girls that presently promotes My Top Tier Business (MTTB)

However Remember she had:

  • Zero prior experience
  • No list
  • No Website
  • Little money
  • Lived in Indonesia (most people make peanuts to feed their families there)
  • And English is here second language

Your already starting the race miles ahead of her

You clearly have already got so much more than she had when she first got started.

Your probably can understand English better, have more money than she started with, and probably have a job that pays you in one month a lot better than most Indonesian people take home in a full year.

But what she did have that you may or may not have is:

  • A burning desire. That you couldn’t put out
  • A drive that refused to let her fail
  • The ability to listen and apply every last thing her coach ,my mentor, taught her.

And I mean everything…..None of this oh but if I tweak it a bit I’ll get more or I know best attitude.

Just zip the mouth and copy in rote A-B-C fashion.

Now if you can do that your golden

Her name is Elena and she made $10k from this system and so can you

When this little girl came to the training site (that will be offered to you) she wrote that she couldn’t succeed online because she was from a 3rd world country and English wasn’t her first language.She was worried people would judge her.

Well look at her now.

Elena has presently crossed $66,000 in commissions now.
Her story is an absolute sensation and should be used as motivation to push you forward.

Change “I Can’t Do It” To “How Can I”

So what needs to change here is you and your mindset.

Let’s be honest hers and my results aren’t typical……..

Infact 95% of the people that get involved in MLM and Network Marketing don’t make a dime or make very little….


I’d be happy to bet that most of them didn’t really have the right mindset or the right mentor.

Most thought “I’ll try it out for a bit then go back to my day job”

Those that succeed have the

“I’m gona do this Until I Succeed”

Not I can’t do it but how can I do this……..What do I need to do to make this work?

With that mindset and proper guidance

You Will Do It………and You Will Succeed

i can't do it.......yes you can

To Your success


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